Saturday, April 12, 2014


I do love Zodiac signs and so I really wanted to do this topic, so I looked through my sketchbook to see if I had anything that could become something  "zodiac-like". Turns out I had a little sketch with fish in it. So This little piece, I have since named "Pisces", doesn't have anything to do with MY personal sign but just something I came up with for fun! Lately I really have not been very satisfied with my work and have  been pushing myself to find more of "me" in my work (which is why I haven't posted recently). Along with that I have been forcing myself to figure out how I render traditionally and bring that to the digital world (slowly it is happening I think haha!). Anyway I am getting back into enjoying my work again, so I should be posting a little more regularly! 
Anyway I hope you enjoy this little experiment of mine!

Thanks for stopping by and have great day!


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